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    Jacksonville Skywarn Association   

This organization was formed last month to promote Amateur Radio/Skywarn activities, especially during severe weather events.  a focal point for the group. A distinctive callsign, WX4JAX should be assigned soon by the FCC. Skywarn training also will be coordinated through the group.

President is Lewis Jolly, W4LTJ (Crown ARES Assistant District Emergency Coordinator). NWS Meteorlogist Fred Johnson, KF4LIY is VP. Ken Bording, W5KNB serves as Secretary/Treasurer/Trustee and Miller Norton, N4RYX is a Director at Large.

Membership is open to all with an interest in Skywarn, especially with regard to Amateur Radio. An e-mail reflector is open for anyone with such an interest to join. To subscribe, simply send an e-mail to with the Subject line containing only the word SUBSCRIBE. Leave he message area blank. If you have any difficulty, contact Ken Bording, W5KNB via