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Amateur Radio Emergency

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August 2000
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Hurricane Zorro Drill



Hurricane Zorro Drill

The report is in, and congratulations are in order to all ARES participants
in this recent scenario reenacting Hurricane Dora of 1964.

 The following are exerpts from the City of Jacksonville's Department of
Emergency Preparedness "Exercise Design Team":

 Duval County ARES excelled in management practices that included
coordination among organizations, resource utilization and sharing,
and other successful approaches to problem solving.

 Among the top areas of "Notable Practices", was the introduction and use
of "new" technology in the form of Slow Scan TV (SSTV).
Another great achievement for us.

 In the report, " The Amateur Radio Emergency Service
performed at the highest level of expectations ".

 My hat is off to all who participated and made us shine in the eyes of our
highest-order priority served agency.   This is my proudest moment yet, in
the short time that I have been your EC.

 Special thanks to Ken Bording, Marshall Davis, Sandy Ingle, Travis Maclay,
Robert Selph, and Mike Wells for their contributions in this successful
demonstration of SSTV.

 Although it was not specifically mentioned in this report, the efforts of
Tom Nolan, and Chris Russell should not be overlooked, as they also
successfully demonstrated the use of the SEDAN system, passing traffic to key
points within the state including the SEOC.

 Once again, to ALL of our members, job well done!